THE DUDLEYS!: A Family Game by Leegrid Stevens - Tutto Theatre Company, 2011 - Photo by Daniel Brock    
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On Monday, I had the privilege of attending Unified Auditions for the Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Coop (I'm legally obligated to use the whole title, hehe) and behold the great talent at the University of Texas. I'm very excited to be putting together THE PRICELESS SLAVE with the talented, passionate and full-of-ideas playwright Johnny Meyer. I have to tell you, this guy is something else. Government/political science buff + Shakespeare enthusiast + Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran + really snazzy boots. Anyway, we're casting the show this Saturday and I can't wait.

Since I've brought up Shakespeare, I've dug up the following piece of drivel from a few years back, which may as well be titled "what happens when Gary gets a few minutes of stage time but is too sick to actually rehearse anything." Starring Jennie Nevin, Richard III, and me. From the Ezra Stiles College Cabaret Night 2010. Check it out!


Happy New Year! Check out the new 15-minute compilation of scenes from THE DUDLEYS!: A Family Game, via the youtube link to the right. Hope you enjoy!

A Merry Christmas Eve to all! Like a good Jew, I'm spending it working on my website, although I think my sister is dancing to the Jackson 5 singing "Frosty the Snowman." We're waiting for delivery Chinese food in her apartment in Los Angeles.

Keep an eye on this section, in which I'll keep you guys informed about about upcoming projects. I've got two on the table at the moment. The first is developing a new play with playwright/idea-smith extraordinaire J. M. Meyer called The Priceless Slave, which will premiere at the Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Coop in March. 

With Tutto Theatre Company, I'm busily preparing an original theatrical experience called Zeus in Therapy, adapted from the original unpublished poetry of Douglass Stott Parker, which will take the audience into the fraying mind of the king of the gods! Look for updates as we continue our weekly Tutto development meetings. We are just finalizing some exciting, exciting things about Zeus, and the picture accompanying this post is a hint. Zeus goes up in August! There will be beards.

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