The Alien Baby Play by Nicholas Walker Herbert - Tutto Theatre Company, 2012 - Photos by Kimberley Mead    
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a new play by Nicholas Walker Herbert
Starring Kathleen Fletcher
directed by Gary Jaffe

at a Westlake residence & the Salvage Vanguard Theater
presented by Tutto Theatre Company

Bethany is 15 months pregnant with an alien baby, and she's invited you to the birth! Kathleen Fletcher returned to Austin for the world premiere of Nicholas Walker Herbert's The Alien Baby Play, an interactive theatrical experience which will left audiences clutching their wombs (men and women both) with joy and terror. With bursts of frantic motion, up-close audience interaction, and wandering isolation, we created a surprising, intimate and lonely experience.

Featuring: Kathleen Fletcher (pictured left); Costume Design by Pam Friday, Scenic and Lighting Design by Tutto Theatre Company


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Photos by Kimberley Mead.


Awards & Nominations:

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee:
Best Actress in a Comedy

Austin Chronicle Top 10 Designer Contributions of 2012:
#9 Pam Friday's Costume Design


“Tutto Artistic Director Gary Jaffe creates an intimate audience-actor relationship [...] (Expect her to make contact with you, especially if you sit up front). In spite of the cozy setup, the show’s air of loneliness never wavers — the audience can empathize, but cannot truly help this woman. […] It’s certainly thrilling and unsettling to watch an otherworldly event in the making.”

Georgia Young,

“Gary Jaffe’s direction is great, based on the strength of Fletcher’s work. This Tutto Theatre Company show provides an evening of goofy, quirky entertainment.”

Elizabeth Cobbe,

“One might imagine that the director’s job would consist in large part of planning the physical movement on stage – the blocking. But the venues differ greatly […]The consistent factors in this collegial conspiracy between director and actor are, necessarily, the definition of this literally larger than life character and the pacing of her presentation – pacing being both Bethany’s excited striding and the maintenance of the emotional arc of the story. Their collaboration is a sure one.”

Michael Meigs,

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